Leger Interactive LLC

Technology Solutions

Technology doesn’t have to be a scary thing, but sometimes it can feel that way. Don’t let that fear keep you from making the most of your business by building or keeping your website up to date. Your website is your first impression to the world! It is at that moment where a potential customer could decide whether they want to work with you or work with the competition. Whether its SEO, SEM, Website design, Online Content Management, CMS or custom development, we can handle it for you.

We provide high-tech, low cost solutions simplified for your business. Contact us now to see how we can do this for you and make your online brand all it can be.
Here are some of the things our experienced staff can make happen for you:

Create a new website:
We can build you anything from the simple, static site to a complex and highly functional portal.

Create a new blog:
Wordpress is the best tool out there for creating a blog. We can help you customize the look and add the must-have functionality so you can do what you do best, blog!

Improve your current website:
We can evaluate your current site, from an SEO standpoint, a usability and architecture standpoint and give you options for improvement.

Web Design:
Need a new clean looking design? Need a logo? We can do that too.

Do you need to make money on the web but don’t know where to start? We can help integrate E-Commerce functionality into your existing site or your new site.

Search Engine Optimization:
We can tidy up your site so that it appears higher in the search engines and get you more traffic.

Automated Site Maintenance:
Let technology make your daily processes less time-consuming. We can help you streamline and optimize your existing processes to make you more agile and achieve an even higher ROI.

Content Management Systems:
Don’t let the name scare you. A good CMS will allow you to update your site without needing to know any HTML at all. If you can type, you can update your site through the different options we have for you.

Contact Us Contact Us to find out more about how we can help you manage technology and your online presence.