Leger Interactive LLC

Communications Solutions

Is your company utilizing social media like Twitter and Facebook to its fullest potential?  Maybe you have public relations or media relations needs, but not the resources to hire a full-time employee.  And what about that content you need written on your website – who can get that done for you?  Leger Interactive has communications expertise – writing and managing the message is what we have been doing for more than 15 years.

Social  media:
Instant interaction between people like on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is the hottest marketing tool out there right now.  Don’t avoid it, embrace this technology and see why it could work to your company’s advantage.

Public/Media relations:
When you have big news, you need someone to manage the message. With more than a dozen years of experience inside the television news industry, we know what news organizations are looking for.  If you’re pitching a new product, announcing news from your company or suddenly in need of crisis communications, our insight into the news business will help your company get its information out the best way, even during challenging times.

As your company gets bigger and you create or expand your website, you will find it helpful to have solid writing on your side.  Whether it’s content that will stay on your site indefinitely or a message that is frequently changing, our writing is accurate, clever and tailored to your needs.

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